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Man Facing DUI and Child Endangerment Charges

Alex Davis, 33, of Oregon, has been arrested by the Ogle County police on charges of child endangerment and driving under the influence of drugs. The Ogle County Sheriff’s Office reported that deputies were called to the 6800 block of East Weld Park Road for a welfare check at 8 p.m. last Thursday. Following a brief investigation, Davis was taken into custody at the scene. In addition to the initial charges, he was also charged with possession of cannabis (more than 30g and less than 100g). Davis has been released from the Ogle County Jail with a notice to appear in court at a later date.

This is such an awful situation that no child nor adult should have to go through. If you are on drugs driving should not even be an option. Please learn from mistakes like these, because this could have ended out terribly. The outcome of DUI’s is not always the same, they can lead in no injuries to death. If you have anymore questions or comments contact us through A-1 Driving Schools.

How to merge lanes?

Remember these steps when changing lanes or merging:


1. Match the speed of traffic in the lane you want to merge into.

2. Ensure you have enough space (3-5 seconds is recommended).

3. Check your blind spot before merging to ensure the lane is empty.

4. Only change lanes where it’s legal to do so (indicated by a dashed white line between lanes).

5. Use your turn signal several seconds in advance of your lane change to alert other drivers.

6. Be especially attentive and eliminate driving distractions when merging or changing lanes.

If you have any more questions contact us through A-1 Driving Schools.

What do you do at a flashing red light?

When you encounter a flashing red signal at an intersection, you must come to a complete stop, just like you would at a stop sign. After stopping, you should proceed when it’s safe, yielding to any other vehicles as required by traffic rules. You don’t need to wait for the light to turn green once you’ve stopped and checked that it’s safe to go through the intersection. Flashing red lights are used when traffic signals are not working properly or during quieter times, such as late at night.

Driver Kills Retired Teacher

45-year-old Mandeep Singh hit Doris Post with his car and then ran over her while she was riding her bike across a pedestrian crossing. He stopped for six seconds after hitting her and then proceeded to drive over her. Singh was found to be over the alcohol limit when he crashed into Doris Post. The 45-year-old was jailed for eight years and disqualified from driving for eight years and three months.

Our hearts go out to Doris’s family as they cope with their loss. The tragic consequences of drunk driving serve as a reminder of the importance of responsible behavior behind the wheel. If you have any driving needs, don’t be afraid to contact us at A-1 Driving Schools.



Woman Resists Arrest on 6th DUI

On May 13, 2024, a Missoula Police Department officer observed a vehicle driving dangerously on Stephens Avenue. The officer conducted a traffic stop and approached the female driver, Keri Daniels, who had difficulty comprehending instructions. Daniels was arrested for felony DUI after refusing to perform sobriety tests and provide a breath sample. She has five prior DUI convictions and her bond was set at $10,000.

If you have a DUI please learn from this what not to do. There is always a chance of getting caught, even though you think you are being slick about being intoxicated. This situation with her now 6 DUIs shows us you can get caught while driving under the influence. If you have ever gotten a DUI please learn from your mistakes. No one can make you but it is the right thing. You can take DUI classes at A1 Driving Schools


How to Parallel Park

Parallel parking may seem terrifying, but follow these 10 steps and it will help you overcome your fears. If these steps don’t help you can contact us at A1 Driving Schools.

Step 1: Position your vehicle (Start by aligning your car parallel to the vehicle parked in front of the open space, approximately two to three feet from the side.)

Step 2: Check your mirrors (Before making any moves, ensure your rearview and side mirrors are properly adjusted. Then, check all mirrors and your blind spots for other vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles. Ensure no traffic is coming from behind, and you’re aware of your surroundings. Once you are certain that there are no other vehicles in your blind spot, shift your car into reverse.)

Step 3: Start backing up (Put your car in reverse and start backing up slowly. Begin steering your wheel to the right.)

Step 4: Straighten the steering wheel (As your car moves into the empty parallel parking spot, slowly straighten your steering wheel as you continue to move backwards towards the parked car at the other end of the parking space. As you are maneuvering your vehicle, continuously check all mirrors and through your windows and front windshield to ensure you are not in danger of hitting either of the vehicles bordering the parallel parking space.)

Step 5: Begin turning your steering wheel to the left (Once the front of your vehicle has passed the back bumper of the vehicle in the parking spot in front of you, begin to turn your steering wheel to the left.)

Step 6: Check how close you are (Continuing to inch backwards in reverse and while beginning to straighten your steering wheel, look into your rearview mirror to see how close your vehicle is to the car in the parallel parking spot behind you.)

Step 7: Adjust your position (Once you have your vehicle straight and as close to the curb as possible, you may need to shift into forward to position your car so that there is an equal amount of space in front and behind your vehicle.)

Step 8: Don’t forget to pay before you leave (Many parallel parking spaces are assigned a parking meter. This is particularly true in major metropolitan areas. Make sure that you remember to feed coins into your parking meter after you parallel park your car.)

Step 9: Put the car into reverse (To exit a parallel park, first put your car into reverse and back towards the car behind you. Back as close as you reasonably can without putting yourself in danger of hitting the other vehicle.)

Step 10: Turn your steering wheel to the left (Next, turn your steering wheel to the left and shift your car into forward. Check for traffic in the lane you are about to enter. Making sure that you are not too close to the back bumper of the vehicle parked in front of you, slowly drive out of the parallel park.)

What to do When Pulled Over by a Police Officer

  1. When pulled over by a deputy, remain calm and pull over to the right side of the road.
  2. Stay in your vehicle with your hands on the steering wheel.
  3. Wait for the deputy to ask for your license and other documents.
  4. Make sure the officer reads you your Miranda Rights, and states why you are being arrested.
  5. Be honest and cooperative, and avoid sudden movements.
  6. Additional deputies may arrive at the scene.
  7. If issued a citation, accepting or signing it is not an admission of guilt.
  8. You can contest the citation in court. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at A1 Driving Schools.

Driver Fatally Hit 11 Year Old Girl in a DUI

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Last year, on March 23, 2023, an 11-year-old girl was fatally hit while she was crossing the street. Elena Lindsey McGraw-Ogans has finally been arrested for her crimes. On top of striking the girl, it was found that while she was intoxicated there were children in her car at the time of the incident. She was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. She has been charged with felony driving a motor vehicle while impaired resulting in injury and child endangerment, as she was driving impaired while children were in her truck.

We pray for the family and friends of the girl. If you are how Elena was during the incident, you should NOT be driving. It is not worth risking your life or others to reach your destination. Uber, Lyft, and Taxis are all available to you. You could even call a friend, but never drive under the influence. This incident is a prime example of what could happen if you drive under the influence. We are glad none of the kids in her vehicle were hurt. If you have any questions about how to drive on the road and why you shouldn’t do this you can go to a1drivingschools.com!

Britain Inserting Speed Limiters in Vehicles

In just a few months Britain will be inserting speed limiters into peoples cars. This law seems to be very controversial. Who would end up paying, and when would you get them installed are all questions we should ask. I believe this is the best way to avoid speeding, because although people are warned they continue to speed, but I do believe this law has down sides. What if someone could not pay for the speed limiter? Would they get charged?

Tell us what you think about this law. Do you think that it should be implemented in Georgia? Tell us what you think. If you have anymore questions about driving ask us at a1drivingschools.com!

What Vehicles can you Drive on the Road? What can you get a DUI in?

Street-legal vehicles are listed as:

  • Automobiles
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles

And you can get a DUI in ANY motorized vehicle. Anything you can think of. Even driving a tractor can get you a DUI. Just remember that when you’re on the road drinking in anything it could be counted as illegal. Riding a horse while drinking would not be counted as a DUI but you will still be charged. No matter where or when you should not be driving anything drunk. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask us at A-1 Driving Schools! Drive safe!