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16-year-old was Failed Purposefully

Imagine you take your driving test, and your instructor fails you because they did not put their seatbelt on. A man on Reddit shared the story of his terrible experience with his driving instructor when he was 16 years old. During his driving test, the instructor purposefully did not buckle in causing him to fail. Previously the student told the instructor to buckle in and he proceeded to stay unbuckled. The instructor then waited till the end of the test to mention that he should have made sure everyone in the car was buckled in, causing him to fail. Thankfully the student passed weeks later.

Situations like this can take a toll on people. The man shared this story after 20 years. No one should have to go through this, and you should be able to trust your driving instructor and anyone that helped you throughout the process of learning how to drive. At A-1 Driving Schools, we are a trustworthy family-owned business that will help you learn how to drive, and get you to the next step, the driving test. We hope that no one has to deal with instructors like the one this man experienced.

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