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2 DUI’s in 2 Consecutive Days

A Texas woman was arrested for two DUIs in two consecutive days during her drive to West Palm Beach this week, according to officials. Mery Lefler was arrested and charged with DUI in Escambia County on Monday, followed by a second DUI charge in Sumter County on Tuesday. On Tuesday, the 55-year-old woman from Sherman, Texas, was passing through Bushnell when she was stopped by a trooper, the arrest report said. Lefler allegedly almost crashed into the trooper and his patrol car, the report added. The trooper conducted a traffic stop on Interstate-75 around 1:40 p.m., which revealed several BOLOs were active for the car as it continued to swerve down the highway, the arrest report said. There was an odor of alcohol coming from Lefler’s mouth, and the trooper said he noticed she had constricted pupils and spoke with slurred speech, the report continued.

If you have a DUI you should not be back on the road unless you are fully ready and not intoxicated. Mery Lefler before getting back on the road should have went through a DUI class, and she should have gotten a loved one or a taxi to drive her . If you are any way shape or form struggling with what Mery is struggling with, don’t be afraid to get help. A-1 is here for you with our online and in person DUI class.

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