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Drivers Are Now Able to Pay Fines and Reinstate Their Driver’s License Online

The Georgia Department of Driver Services announced a new online feature for Georgia drivers.

According to a spokesperson, motorists can now go online to reinstate driving privileges or pay a citation.

Officials are hoping this will alleviate time as the state grapples with the pandemic.

“As we continue to be vigilant during this emergency period, we recommend using DDS remote services to reinstate your license if possible,” commented Commissioner Moore. “DDS Online Services allows customers to pay fees, reinstate and replace their driver’s license safely and conveniently without visiting in person,” said DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore.

In addition, customers may view, print, or email a list of their specific reinstatement requirements, pay fees and reinstate driving privileges online.

Eligible customers may request that a free replacement of their original license be mailed directly to them, and they can drive on the online receipt until it arrives. Most services are discounted by $5.00 when you use DDS Online Services or DDS 2 GO.

There are many reasons an individual might elect or be required to take the 6-hour Defensive Driving Class:

1. Ticket Dismissal

Many Courts in Georgia will dismiss a ticket for a traffic violation if the offender completes the 6-hour Defensive Driving Program prior to going to Court. If dismissed, there will be no points placed on your driving record and your insurance will not increase.

2. Points Reduction

You may complete the 6-hour Defensive Driving Program once every 5 years to remove up to 7 points from your record to prevent your license from being revoked.

3. License Suspension

If your license has been suspended, you must complete the 6-hour Defensive Driving Program before your license is reinstated.

4. Fine Reduction

The 6-hour Defensive Driving Program may be taken for a 20% reduction of the traffic fine and may result in the court not adding points to your record.

5. Insurance Discounts!

If you have a clean driving record for 3 years, you may take the 6-hour Defensive Driving Program to receive a 10% -15% discount on your auto insurance premium. The insurance discount percentage is determined by your insurance company.

Earn Your Certificate of Completion Today! Register for Defensive Driving Class.

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