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DUI Repeat Offender Kills 3 People

Orlando Lopez Vasquez, previously charged with DUI, ran a red light and drove the wrong way in his pickup truck, hitting a car and killing three out of four people in that car, all were family members. The fourth person in the car has been taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. In his previous crash in 2020, he drove over the curb and almost hit a Florida trooper in a parking lot. He had his license revoked for six months and took court-ordered DUI classes.
We hope the driver in the crash is recovering from this devastating crash. We also hope that the family and friends of the victims are doing well. DUI and risk reduction courses should help you get back on the road safely. A-1 is offering both of these at your speed. In cases like Vasquez, he might need more than DUI classes. He might need help with his alcohol intake.

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