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DUI with a Nine-year-old

40-year-old Michael Thompson was charged with two counts of DUI manslaughter for his role in the Oct. 21 crash that killed 65-year-old Richard Mills and 61-year-old Joanne Talley. Thompson was driving under the influence with a nine-year-old girl as a passenger in his pickup truck when he rear-ended the motorcycle. According to court documents, Thompson was released from the Seminole County Jail on Oct. 24 on a total of $51,000 bond with pretrial conditions that prohibited him from possessing or consuming alcohol. Deputies say Thompson was caught on video violating those conditions on the same day he was released.

Alcohol and driving do not mix. We hope the nine-year-old girl in the car wasn’t harmed and is now safe. If you have problems with alcohol you should reach out and get help, and you should never drive under the influence. If you ever have trouble or need help just know A-1 has DUI school and a risk reduction course that an help you tremendously.

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