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Father and Son Killed on the Way to College Orientation

Shane and Jacob Lloyd were both tragically killed in a DUI crash. The driver of the car that hit them was 40-year-old Leslie Gehret. She is facing her third DUI in 10 years, along with homicide and manslaughter charges. She ran a red light two she crashed into a father and son driving to Florida for the son’s college orientation. A family member talked about her nephew’s death saying “They were in town for college orientation so he could start his life, but now that’s been taken from him.”

We pray for the Lloyd family as they are going through something awful no one should experience. The loss of a family matter is a traumatic event in anyone’s life. We can all contribute to trying to stop events like these. A way you can help is by going to DUI school if necessary or driver’s education. By all contributing to attending one of the classes, we can try to minimize the danger on the road.

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