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Former Sheriff Arrested for Murder

A now-former Bexar County sheriff’s deputy has been arrested for murder, accused of drunkenly crashing into a man and fleeing the scene. Sheriff Javier Salazar said Giovanni Ceja, 31, was on vacation in California when he borrowed a vehicle from a relative. He drank “a significant amount of alcohol” before driving down IH 215 and hitting a man who was on the side of the road putting gas in the car. Investigators said he fled, but part of the damaged car was left at the scene. “He’s wearing orange and being booked into the same jail he came to work at this morning.”

We hope the family of the man who was hit is fine. We also wish that nothing like this happens to you or your loved ones. This shows how dangerous driving is and it can affect anyone. You should never drink while driving, but if it has happened we hope that no one was harmed and you are safe. If you still need a DUI school A-1 Driving Schools has courses that can be taken by anyone.

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