How to Bike Safely Around Cars – A-1 Driving Schools | 19 Locations in Atlanta, GA

How to Bike Safely Around Cars

  • Stop for stop signs and red lights
  • Follow all traffic signs and traffic laws
  • Go with the flow (of traffic)
  • Use turn lanes and arm turn signals so cars know where you’re going
  • Follow the posted speed limit
  • Don’t block traffic in a travel lane
  • Use lights when biking at night/in bad weather
  • Yield right of way to cars and other bike riders when you’re entering roadways
  • Don’t use your phone while biking
  • DO NOT bike while intoxicated
  • Aggressive driving is never cool, especially when there is a cyclist or bike lane nearby
  • Watch out for tractor trailers making wide right turns

If you have any more questions feel free to ask us at A-1 Driving Schools!

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