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The Fatality Rate for Young Drivers Significantly Decreased!

Great news! According to a recent report from a non-profit coalition of highway safety offices, the rates of fatal traffic collisions involving drivers under the age of 21 have significantly decreased. In fact, the most at-risk demographic is now 38% less likely to be involved in a fatal collision, and 45% less likely to be the victim of a fatal collision.

However, we know that young drivers are still seen as the riskiest group behind the wheel, but let’s not forget that they are still learning and growing. The report suggests that education and staggered privileges have been key factors that have contributed to the decline in fatal collisions, and we can continue to improve upon these measures. If you need assistance with learning how to drive safely call A-1, we’re happy to help!

Let’s celebrate this positive change and keep working together to make our roads safer for everyone!

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