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Victim Injured in Grayson Car Wreck Died

Police said 32-year-old Norcross man Jaafar Bilal was transported to the hospital with serious injuries after the accident.

According to the initial accident report, the driver of a white Toyota Tundra was traveling south on Hillside Drive, maneuvering around a curve. Bilal, driving a blue Mazda Protege, was moving in the opposite direction. Bilal’s Mazda was trailed by a blue Ford Explorer.

According to the preliminary investigation, the driver of the Toyota crossed the center line and struck the Mazda head-on. The Mazda spun around and came to rest facing the opposite direction.


The driver of the Ford attempted to maneuver around the collision but struck the rear of the Mazda in the process. The Ford eventually left the roadway on the right shoulder and came to rest against a tree, according to the accident report.

The accident report said the driver of the Toyota did not know what caused the collision and contested leaving their lane. The driver of the Ford told police the Toyota was moving quickly around the curve when it wobbled and struck the Mazda.

Police said additional details are being investigated in this case.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Jaafar Bilal. 

Tips And Techniques For Safe Curve Driving

  1. Obey Posted Speed Limits: Speeding is at the top of the list for driving in general and if you don’t obey the rules of the roads; you’ll end up killing you or someone else. If there isn’t a speed limit sign near a curve, use good judgment and decrease your speed.
  2. Stay In Your Lane: When approaching curves always scan ahead and stay between the lane-lines. Do not hug the curve too closely while driving in the outer lane. If you’re driving in the inner lane, try not to drift outward, which will cause an accident.
  3. Decrease In/Accelerate Out: After the midway point of the curve it is good to speed up just a bit. This way you can begin to catch up with the posted speed limit of the area. The opposite is to slow down when entering, which gives you a safer approach by giving the driver more control of the vehicle. Straighten the steering wheel as you come out of the curve.

To stay safe on the road consider taking a defensive driving class. A-1 offers classes at 19 locations where you can learn more tricks and tips such as these!

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