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71-year-old man Charged with DUI

Micheal Pledger Turner, a 71 year old Georgia resident was charged with DUI. The police talked to him during a traffic stop, and that is when they noticed the signs of impairment. Turner was charged with DUI for alcohol, failure to stop at a railroad crossing signal, open container of alcohol and driving on suspended or revoked license.

No matter what age you are, you can still get a DUI. Although 21-24 years show the highest rate of DUI’s, DUIs do not discriminate. Everyone can get a DUI, but that doesn’t mean everyone should. We should all try and reduce the risk of DUI’s, wether it’s calling an Uber, not drinking at all, or even taking DUI school. If your choice is to take DUI school, A-1 Driving Schools is here to help with our online and in-person DUI School.

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