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How to Drive Across Train Tracks

Do you know how to drive across train tracks? It’s easy just a few simple steps, and here they are.

  1. Stop, look both ways and listen. Know that trains always have the right of way.
  2. Don’t stop on the tracks. Make sure you have room to get across. Once you enter the crossing, keep moving.
  3. Stop 15 feet away from flashing red lights, lowered gates, a signaling flagman or a stop sign.
  4. Never drive around a lowering gate or ignore signals.
  5. After a train passes, wait for gates to fully rise and for all lights to stop flashing before your cross.
  6. Never assume that there is only one train coming from a single direction.
  7. If your car stalls on a track, quickly get everyone out — even if you don’t see a train coming. Run away from the tracks and your car to avoid being hit by flying debris. Call the number on the blue emergency notification system sign. If the sign is not visible to you, call 911.

If you need any step specified or just have more questions, just contact us at A-1 Driving Schools! We are glad to help!

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