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Death of a 27-year-old Mom Due to a DUI

27-year-old mom, Ashley Bailey, almost two years ago on Lebanon’s downtown square was hit by intoxicated Sandra Strickland. Sandra Strickland, 72, faces several charges, including DUI on first offense and vehicular homicide, in connection with the deadly crash on April 25, 2022. Authorities have said alcohol was involved. Responding officers suspected that Strickland was impaired because she had difficulty remembering the details of what happened, based on a video shown in court. Bailey’s 3-year-old son was in the car at the time. He was then treated at a local hospital and then released. The bodycam video from the crash was shown later shown in court. Ashley’s father-in-law reacts to the bodycam footage, saying “Watching the bodycam was almost like watching a horror movie, but you know how it ends.”

The Strickland family had to bear the heart-wrenching pain of losing a beloved member, one of the worst nightmares for any family. We pray for the family as they deal with such a devastating loss. Losing a family member to drunk driving is something that we do not wish upon anyone. At A-1 Driving Schools, we try to minimize reckless driving, and drunk driving as much as possible. We try to teach our students how to drive safely and cautiously on the road with our driver’s education program. If you ever have any driving questions or concerns, A-1 Driving Schools is here to help.

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