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Distracted While Driving Awareness

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and although it is May, drivers need to become aware of what can happen when they’re distracted while driving. As of 2022, in Georgia alone, nearly 500 people were killed in car crashes. That is almost 100 more than in 2021. The number of deadly crashes in Georgia has doubled over the last nine years, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation. According to statistics, around one in three drivers are distracted by their phones. That is one too many. More than 3,000 teens die each year in crashes that involve texting. Why risk it? Put your phone down while driving. It is simply not worth what can happen to be distracted while driving.
In the Driver’s Education course, you will learn proper phone etiquette and ways to reduce distracted driving. The more lessons you take, the more aware you will be of what can happen on the road due to distractions.

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