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Life360 for Teen Driving Safety

Life360 is a family-friendly app that shows every family member’s location. it also has other features like Crash Detection with Emergency Dispatch, 24/7 Roadside Assistance, and the ability to see how fast your family member is driving. This is an app that encourages teens to obey the speed limit and rules and regulations on the road. This app monitors your child’s driving and safety and shows the speed of the car they are driving in, the route they take, and the time when your child is driving.

Life 360 has so many benefits that could help your child in many ways. The free plan offers the ability to see two days of location history, the family driving summary, crash detection, and SOS Help alerts. If you upgrade to gold which is $14.99 a month your family members will have access to emergency dispatch if they get in a crash, roadside assistance, individual driving reports, and so much more. Besides driving safety, Life360 has so many great add-ons to make sure your children are safe.

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