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Expired License Plate Leads to DWI

Chad Bailey, Missouri’s third-leading tackler and team captain last season, is suspended after a DWI arrest. Bailey, on May 19th, at 2:45, was booked and released after posting a $500 bond. He got pulled over near 1 am close to the Columbia campus for an expired license plate and a lane violation. He then told the officer he consumed alcohol and then performed poorly on the field sobriety test. Due to the Missouri student-athlete handbook, any athlete who commits a crime must serve a minimum one-week suspension, so we should expect to see Bailey out for one week or longer. When driving, keep your license plates up to date because you can get pulled over and get a ticket.
Unfortunately, in this situation, he was drinking so it turned into a DWI. No one should be driving while drinking or intoxicated. This can lead to very dangerous situation and having to take DUI School / Risk Reduction Program.
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