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Falling Asleep at the Wheel

The Johns Creek police recently received a report about a traffic hazard. When they arrived at the location, they discovered a man sleeping behind the wheel of an SUV with his foot on the brake. To avoid accidents, the officers positioned their patrol car in front of the SUV and then tried to wake the driver.

Like anyone else on the road, this driver had a responsibility. Depending on the situation, a person who falls asleep while driving could be guilty of reckless driving and vehicular manslaughter. In fact, in some states, operating a motor vehicle while drowsy can constitute a felony, depending on the circumstances of an accident and whether a fatality occurred. Most drivers who fall asleep at the wheel cannot hit the brakes before a collision and often accidentally accelerate, leading to high-speed and high-damage crashes. Luckily this driver hit the brakes and didn’t accelerate. We should try to avoid this as much as possible. If you need defensive driving because of falling asleep at the wheel, we’re here for you at A-1 Driving Schools.

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