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Car and Bus Collision

59-year-old Phyllis Poole crashed into a bus while drunk. Phyllis crashed into a fully parked car on Jolly Pond Road before backing into the driveway and then hitting the bus. In this crash, 7 of the children on the bus were injured. Thankfully no children were seriously hurt. She was taken to the hospital before she was arrested on charges of DUI and destruction of property.

Drinking while driving should never be applauded especially if it endangers the life of children. We hope the children are safe, and that Phyllis is taking a DUI class that will help her learn from this situation. We also hope you learn from what happened in this crash to show you just how bad driving under the influence is. If you need a DUI class like her, A1 Driving School is here for you with our DUI/Risk Reduction class.

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