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Lifetime Suspensions for Speeding and Drunk Driving

People hit and killed by drivers in Atlanta last year has went up 20% since the last year. Council members has passed a law so to decrease speeding and driving while drunk. The resolution targets drag racing, street racing, reckless driving, exceeding speed limits, and drunk driving. The resolution states first-time offenders would have their licenses suspended for five years. The second offense earns a license suspension for a decade. A third offense would have the offender’s license suspended for life. It is called “Erica’s Law” in honor of Erica Pines, an Atlanta resident and former city employee who was critically injured on July 28 in a vehicle accident that left her with a shattered right ankle. She required multiple surgeries and is facing a 50% mobility, according to the legislation. Witnesses said the driver who hit her was racing with another car on the road, and he was simply given a ticket and allowed to go on about his business. We hope that this can help decrease dangerous activity on the road for Atlanta.

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