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Merry Christmas!

“Drink” and “be merry” are the top two activities expected at many holiday parties set to get underway and law enforcement wants you to keep this message in mind: “Drive sober or get pulled over.”

The warning of ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ was issued at a news conference in Stone Mountain. Officials said state troopers, sheriff’s deputies, and police officers will be working during the holidays to take all drunk and drugged drivers off the road and to jail.

Authorities report more than 10,000 people died in drunk-driving crashes last year.

Unfortunately, Christmas is one of the times of the year when they see those numbers spike.

Don’t let a DUI crash ruin what is supposed to be a great time of fellowship with family and friends.

Make that plan for a sober ride home before the night begins.

All motorists can use the following tips to stay safe, focused, sober and patient while traveling:

  • Plan ahead for a sober ride.
  • Arrange for a designated driver, use a rideshare service or program the numbers for cab companies into your phone.
  • You can also plan to use public transportation, but check schedules ahead of time in case service is altered during the holiday.
  • Don’t try to make up time by speeding. Because of extra traffic on the road, leave for your destination earlier than needed to allow for increased travel time.
  • Make sure everyone in your vehicle is wearing their seat belt and all children under 8 are riding in an approved child passenger safety seat or booster seat.
  • Limit driver distractions by staying off phones. Program GPS before you get on the road or have a passenger be in charge of navigation.
  • Take breaks to avoid drowsy driving: Plan rest stops as needed and alternate drivers if possible!

The same safe driving practices that are taught in A-1’s Defensive Driving Class can be applied to be a safe driver in a car and on a motorcycle. There is a lot of very useful and informative information in the class and it will apply whether you have been driving for years or you are a brand new driver.

For more information about class schedules or to see A-1’s 19 convenient locations call (770)962-9555 or visit us at!

From everyone here at A-1’s Driving School, we would like to wish everyone a safe, festive holiday! 

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