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School Bus Safety

School bus drivers frequently witness reckless drivers on the road. They often pass the buses while they are picking up kids on the street or sidewalks, even when the stop arm is out and the lights are on. These incidents can happen at any time during the day, which puts both drivers and children in danger. The stop arm and red lights are out for a reason, and children often cross over from one side of the bus to the other. It is crucial to pay close attention to the big yellow bus with the flashing red lights and stop arm. Reckless drivers passing the bus while picking up kids is a common occurrence witnessed by school bus drivers.

Drivers must be aware of the flashing lights and stop arms on school buses when picking up children. Ignoring these signals not only puts the drivers at risk but also endangers the safety of the children, especially when they are crossing the street. It is important to take note of the big yellow bus and it’s flashing red lights to ensure everyone’s safety. To better understand these safety precautions you can take our defensive driving class.

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