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Vehicular Manslaughter with a Car and Electric Bike

A 42-year-old Carlsbad woman was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter in a crash last August involving a Toyota 4- Runner and an electric bicycle, police said Wednesday. The woman on the bike was 35 years old with her 16-month-old child. Thankfully the baby was found to be uninjured. 42-year-old Lindsay Turmelle, with suspicion of vehicular manslaughter after an investigation by the CPD Traffic Division and the California Highway Patrol’s Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigation Team, Turmelle was officially charged. The driver pleaded not guilty. Now the police are speaking to the witnesses.

This is an awful situation that left a baby without a mom. We hope the baby finds its home and the family recovers from this awful experience. You can help with getting rid of situations like this by learning the rules of the road and attending driver’s education. If you need somewhere to take a driver’s education course, A-1 Driving Schools offers in-person and online classes so you can take classes however you want.

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