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Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Hit-and-Run DUI

Michael O’Farrell, 33, was found guilty of DUI, which caused harm to a motorcyclist. Officers from Sparks Police arrived on the scene and discovered the victim, a 28-year-old man, lying on the road with serious wounds. He had multiple fractures in his left leg and pelvis, a brain bleed, brain swelling, and abrasions. O’Farrell fled the scene before the police arrived. The police were able to identify his truck from a description provided by witnesses. He was later taken into custody. Charges of hit-and-run and reckless driving were brought against O’Farrell. Deputy District Attorney Brett Dieffenbach argued for the counts to be run consecutively and for a sentence of 40 years with parole eligibility after 16 years. O’Farrell driving at two-and-one-half times the legal limit, showing a complete disregard for the victim’s welfare and the lifelong physical and cognitive issues the victim continues to suffer.

The police haven’t stated anything about the cyclist and we wish that he is ok. O’Farrell was driving with a high level of alcohol in his blood. It is said that he was driving at one and a half or two times the legal limit. Driving when being far over the legal limit of alcohol should not happen. It can end in serious consequences as we see with what happened to O’Farrell and the motorcyclist. A-1 Driving Schools has a Driver’s Education course to show the rules of the road and how to avoid this situation to your best.



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