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Cameras To Be Installed At Select School Zones to Catch Speeders

Gwinnett County drivers are going to want to slow down when driving past schools from now on, or they may end up getting their pictures taken for a not-so-good reason.

County commissioners approved a request from Gwinnett County police to install speed cameras in some school zones. The request was based on research police did at six school zones, according to Deputy Chief J.D. McClure.

“We found fairly significant violations of speed limits,” McClure told commissioners. “The goal would be to identify and cite violators within our speed zones. The end result is increased safety for motorists and pedestrians in the form of students who may be walking to and from school.”

Initially, drivers will only be given warnings as county officials let them get used to the new process for looking for speeders. Notices will be installed before the county begins using the cameras.

The question that has not yet been answered, however, is where the cameras will be installed.

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Cpl. Ryan Winderweedle said the school zone speeding research that served as the basis for the police department’s request for the cameras was conducted at Lanier and Discovery high schools as well as Beaver Ridge, Camp Creek, Duncan Creek, and Ivey Creek elementary schools.

That does not necessarily mean those schools will be where the cameras will be installed.

Speeding causes accidents!

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