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COVID-19 Driving Restriction

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The U.S. Constitution ensures the “right to travel,” but during the coronavirus pandemic, state and local officials are increasingly telling drivers to stay home.

  • Do your research beforehand. Go to the official website of the state and localities that you are traveling to — and those between. Some states and municipalities are setting up border checkpoints and screenings, which may affect your trip, though no state has blocked through travel.

  • Before a longer trip, speak with a health care provider and get your vehicle checked for maintenance. Contact hotels to be sure they’re still open.

  • Check for open rest stops along your route. They vary by state, but as gas stations are essential businesses, they make a good option for restrooms. Pack food or plan for drive-through and carryout options only.

  • Don’t leave the driveway without packing necessary travel documents, including health insurance cards, along with ample snacks, water and, of course disinfectant spray and wipes.

  • Truck stops and travel plazas are still open, but you may notice a few changes on the roadside. Many locations across the country have transitioned to curbside or takeout options. Additionally, some locations have installed tap and pay machines to limit person-to-person contact.

These tips come from AAA and NATSO.

Please be safe on the roads!

The same safe driving practices that are taught in A-1’s Defensive Driving Class can apply to be a safe driver in a car and on a motorcycle.

There is a lot of very useful and informative information in the class and it will apply whether you have been driving for years or you are a brand new driver.

For more information about class schedules or to see A-1’s 19 convenient locations call (770)962-9555 or visit us at!

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