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Teen Caught Speeding in His Father’s Car Was Going 191 mph

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With fewer drivers on the road during the coronavirus pandemic, police in the Toronto region have charged at least 150 people with street racing or stunt racing — including a 19-year-old driving 191 mph.

The Ontario Provincial Police has seen a rise in “stunt driving” cases.

An OPP officer pulled over a 19-year-old along the Queen Elizabeth Highway in Ontario for driving 308 kph (191 mph)!

“This is the fastest speed that I’ve ever heard of,” Sargent Kerry Schmidt said.

Schmidt noted that the speed limit is 100 kph (62 mph), and there are areas where it reaches 110 kph. The driver was going triple the speed limit.

The driver was charged with street racing and criminal dangerous driving, and his license was suspended for seven days and his father’s car was impounded for seven days. Licenses are automatically suspended for seven days and cars are automatically impounded for seven days for this type of violation in Ontario.

Speeding causes accidents!

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