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Drivers in Georgia Rank Five on Rudest Drivers List

After analyzing more than 2 million insurance applications, Insurify data scientists determined the rudest driving violations as failure to yield, failure to stop, improper backing, passing where prohibited, tailgating, street racing, and hit-and-runs.

According to the Insurify’s data analysis, 41.4 out of 1,000 drivers were cited for rude driving behavior, specifically for their affinity for tailgating.

“Tailgating citations are 3.25 times more frequent in the Peach State than the national average. Failure to yield the right of way and passing violations are more common than average in Georgia, at 84.0 and 64.7 percent higher than the national average, respectively,” according to Insurify.

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Ruder than Peach State drivers is drivers in New York, Wyoming, Idaho, and Virginia, which earned the top spot with 48.5 out of 1,000 drivers doing their best at being the worst on the road.

The Insurify data scientists revealed that across the country running red lights ranks as the “most common offense.” Street racing is at the opposite end of the rude-behavior driving spectrum, with it occurring “90 percent less frequently.”

Tailgating is the cause of innumerable accidents, many of them serious. No matter how fast you’re going, you should be able to stop safely if the car in front of you were to slam on its brakes.

More space gives you:

  • More time to react and brake or steer if something unexpected happens;
  • Better visibility around the vehicle ahead;
  • More room to maneuver and lane change if there is a delay or obstruction in your lane;
  • A smoother ride because you no longer need to brake abruptly;
  • Better fuel economy and reduced vehicle wear because you are now driving more smoothly.
  • Keep a safe distance. While it is never safe to tailgate any vehicle on the highway, following too close is particularly dangerous around large trucks and buses because the size of these vehicles prevents you from seeing the road ahead and having sufficient time to react to slowing or stopped traffic or another obstacle.

Following too closely is always the cause of multi-car pileups on freeways and other roads.

The same safe driving practices that are taught in A-1’s Defensive Driving Class can apply to be a safe driver in a car and on a motorcycle. There is a lot of very useful and informative information in the class and it will apply whether you have been driving for years or you are a brand new driver.

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