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Driving Instructor Asks Student Inapropriate Questions

A driving instructor has been put into custody After asking a student inappropriate questions during a lesson, a driving instructor was arrested. The student claims that while she was driving, the driving instructor asked her where she lived and began searching for her location on Google Maps. According to the warrant, the instructor allegedly inquired about the girl’s need for drugs and offered to “hook her up with his plug in Willimantic if she ever needed anything.” The girl says the man asked her if she was a virgin. Her instructor made her feel extremely uncomfortable. The girl stated in the warrant that the instructor twice asked her if he could hug her after she appeared visibly distraught. According to the warrant, he also offered to drive her home and asked for her phone number. The instructor was released on a $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on June 21.

This is not acceptable behavior from any teacher, driving school, or school. Actions like this driving instructor’s should never be tolerated, and if you are experiencing this from any teacher, tell someone. If this were to happen to you just know A-1 Driving Schools is here to help. We hope that this never happens to anyone again, either teen or adult.

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