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Gas Prices in Georgia Have Increased 50¢

Gas prices are climbing nationwide, reaching the $4 mark across much of Central Georgia.

“I would love to go back to the $3 for diesel and $2.75 for regular unleaded if possible,” said Central Georgia driver Paul McFather.

He owns a pressure washing business. When it comes to fueling up equipment, the inflation packs a punch at the pump.

“My truck was half full and my equipment was probably 60-70% full, my two pressure washers and it was $105,” said McFather.

Romello Smith is a little less worried about the cost.

“The price of the gas, like I know it’s controversial… but to me, I drive a fuel-efficient car, so I’m not worried about it,” he said.

He says gas isn’t as high in Georgia as in some other places.

“My family lives in California so they’ve adjusted to the gas prices. They’re calling me and more saying, ‘Be grateful you’re paying $4 because we’re in California paying $6,” he said.

AAA predicts prices are only going up from here.

“Gas prices are trending in Georgia at $3.96, that’s an 8 cent increase overnight. It rose 38 cents a week ago,” said

Montrae Waiters with AAA says both crude oil prices and the conflict between Ukraine and Russia are driving prices up.

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