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How to Parallel Park for Road Test

Using these general guidelines with the following steps will make parallel parking easier and safer for the novice driver:

  • Stop your vehicle even with the car parked in front of the opening (steering wheel to properly steering wheel), approximately 2 to 3 feet from the parked vehicle.
  • Shift into reverse at this point so as to immediately warn drivers approaching from the rear of your intentions to back into the parking space. Also, be sure to check for traffic approaching from the rear before starting to back, because your front end will swing out into the adjacent lane.
  • When clear, back slowly while turning the steering wheel quickly all the way right, and continue back until the upright portion of your front seat on the passenger side is in line with the rear bumper of the vehicle you are parking behind (using the curb and the front bumper of the car parked behind as a 90 degree angle you would be at about 45 degrees).
  • Continue back slowly as you quickly turn the wheel back to center (a glance forward is allowed for a reference check), and keep backing until your front bumper is in line with the rear bumper of the vehicle you are parking behind.
  • Continue back slowly as as you turn the wheels sharply left. As your vehicle nears the car behind and your front end swings in line with the curb, stop and shift into drive.
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  • Road test typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes. After you pass the test, there may be an additional wait time at the DMV to process your paperwork, take your picture, and issue a license once you pass.
    Skip the DMV! We now offer onsite road testing at select A-1 Driving School locations.

    A-1 Onsite Road Testing Qualifications

    • 16 & 17-year-old students must have completed the classroom or online 30-hour Joshua’s Law course + 6 hours of driving lessons at A-1 Driving Schools.
    • 18-year-old students do not have to have taken classes with us. Must have a valid Georgia Driver’s permit.
    $95.00 – Student Under 18 Road Test
     – Adult Over 18 Road Test
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